10 Essential Tips for Beginner Divers

scuba beginner tips

So you are about to learn to scuba dive or have just completed your certification course. Congratulations! This is the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey. If you practice responsible diving, and work on developing your skills, one day you will master the art of great diving. The tips below are meant to help you along the way, as well as ensure you stay safe and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

How to Prevent Vertigo When Scuba Diving

vertigo when scuba diving

Vertigo when scuba diving is a fairly common, yet infrequently discussed, experience. While it isn’t dangerous in itself, vertigo can lead to more worrying issues beneath the surface. For this reason, it is important to be prepared - know the causes and symptoms of vertigo, as well as ways to prevent it and deal with it. 

Snorkeling for Non-Swimmers


Snorkeling is a fun and rewarding activity that, unlike many other watersports, benefits from its simplicity. There’s no need to haul a bag full of heavy equipment or go through a certification course to watch and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. All that’s necessary to start snorkeling is some basic skills and a small set of well-fitting gear, which makes it easily accessible to pretty much anyone. But what about non-swimmers, can they snorkel? In the following article, we’ll address this frequently asked question and give you some tips on how to make your snorkeling experience enjoyable and comfortable.

PADI Launches COVID-19 Scuba Diving Status Map

padi map

As numerous countries begin to lift stay-at-home orders and even ease travel restrictions, PADI has created a new COVID-19 diving status map to help divers identify where diving is accessible. PADI’s map is designed to help people safely dive again locally and across the globe as well as support dive businesses.