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Scuba Skills: How to Plan a Dive

scuba dive planning

Ever seen a diver in a movie? Here is how it looks most of the time - a diver (often wearing the wrong equipment) simply steps to the edge of a boat and jumps into the water. No planning, no prep. Cue the music. Of course, we can’t expect Hollywood to show us every intricate detail of a scuba dive, but these scenes present a skewed image of diving.

Getting Ready for Dive Season

prepare for scuba season

The spring is finally rolling around, and for many, it marks the beginning of a new dive season. Unless you live in a tropical climate or enjoy cold water diving, it has probably been a few months since your last dive, which means that both your gear and skills may have gotten rusty over the winter. So, here are some useful tips to help you prepare for the upcoming scuba season and make sure that everything is ready for you to get into the water.

Pre-Dive Equipment Check and Setup Guide

pre-dive preparation

When you are about to dive underwater, your scuba gear is your life support, and having it properly setup is key to a safe and comfortable dive. Therefore, your pre-dive preparation and especially the equipment check shouldn’t be taken lightly. In case there are any equipment issues, it is important that you discover them before getting into the water.


What Are Tide Tables And How to Read Them

Tide Tables

As a diver, you probably already have some understanding of tides and tidal movements, since these natural phenomena can influence your dives greatly. However, by far not all divers know how to read tide tables and put the obtained information to good use. In this article, we’ll try to go over all the essential things you need to remember about tides and tide tables.