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Scuba Fins

Scuba Fins are usually among the first pieces of gear a scuba diver purchases. These, along with a snorkel and mask, are inexpensive compared to the other high-end equipment, such as a buoyancy compensator, regulator and dive computer. Dive fins enable you to push more water and thus move faster, and with greater thrust. What’s more, having convenient and reliable scuba fins is essential to having a comfortable dive. Poorly fitting or low-quality fins can leave you with blisters and leg cramps while purchasing the fins that suit your diving style and personal preferences means you will be able to leave the pain and discomfort of wearing rental fins behind.


This seemingly simple piece of diving equipment comes at a variety of styles with different features. In particular, you can choose between the open heel and full foot fins.

Open heel fins are more versatile. Thanks to the adjustable straps, which can be replaced and customized, it is possible to wear them over dive socks or dive boots, allowing a diver to operate in a wider range of water temperatures, from warm to cold. This flexibility, together with a larger surface area than that of the full foot fins, makes open heel fins the preferred option among scuba divers around the world.

Full foot diving fins have a closed, non-adjustable heel and are usually worn with no thermal protection over your feet or with thin dive socks. Therefore, this type of fins is usually preferred by warm water divers and snorkelers. The benefits of full foot fins are its compact profile and lower weight. Keep in mind though, that with full foot fins you need to pay close attention to sizing, as you won’t be able to adjust the fit laster.

Having your own set of scuba fins that you are familiar with leads to better performance and a higher confidence level underwater. Tropical warmth or freezing cold, Dip 'N Dive offers several types of fins for any diving environment. We have Scuba Fins with either an open heel to accommodate a wetsuit boot, or a closed heel to fit over a barefoot or a sock. If you're looking for more advanced technology, try a pair of split fins for the most efficient movement through the water. Whatever type of fin you need, you will find it here.