Seac Space 7MM Lady Scuba Diving Wetsuit

SeacSKU: 219321-01-A

Sale price$499.00 USD


  • 7mm ultra-stretch neoprene
  • One-piece fullsuit for women
  • Back zipper
  • Zips on cuffs and ankles
  • For diving in cold water

The Seac Lady Space diving suit for women is made of a 7mm ultra-stretch neoprene. This cold water diving Fullsuit has full-length sleeves and pants combined into one piece. It covers as much skin as possible so you can dive on cold water without chills.
Seac Space Lady fullsuit has rubber protection on the chest to improve durability. Embossed inserts inside elbows and behind knees create extra softness during your dives.

  • Keep warm and carry on. In addition to the 7mm neoprene, the Aquastop system will also protect you from chills. The Seac Lady Space has double-cone cuffs, ankles, and an inner flap – Watter Barrier System.
  • Extremely comfortable. This women’s diving suit is made of the new generation ultra-stretch neoprene, making it incredibly elastic to fit snugly. Even 7mm neoprene feels like a second skin.
  • Practical cut. The Seac Space women’s cold-water wetsuit has five zippers, so you can swiftly put it on and take off. Those are zippers on ankles, cuffs, and a rear zipper.

This one-piece wetsuit is designed for women. Buy Seac Space Woman’s Fullsuit for scuba diving in cold water.

Product Highlights:

  • Wetsuit for diving in cold water
  • Designed for women
  • 7mm ultra-stretch neoprene
  • One-piece Fullsuit
  • Back zipper
  • Cuff and ankle zippers
  • Double-cone cuffs, ankles
  • Inner flap – Watter Barrier System
  • Rubber protection on the chest
  • Embossed inserts inside elbows and behind knees

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