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Cressi Palau Short Fins with Mesh Bag Snorkel Packages

SKU 214317-04-A-1
The Cressi Palau Short Fins are specifically designed for swimming and snorkeling. These finds accommodate a wide variety of foot sizes and with a short fin, they are ideal for traveling.

Cressi Palau are short lightweight fins, perfect for snorkeling and swimming. They combine the convenience and versatility of the adjustable fin with the comfort of full foot pocket. The side rails on a blade of each fin help to achieve a better kick and maintain stability while in the water. Thanks to the compact size, the fins are easy to travel with, and a mesh bag, that comes included in the set .will help you conveniently carry the fins, as well as ensure faster drying after a swim or a dive.

Cressi Palau fins come in three sizes and a variety of colors to choose from.