Mares is one of the largest and best-known manufacturers that offers a full line of first-rate diving equipment. The company supplies everything from dive clothing, masks, and fins to regulators, BCDs, and spearguns. All Mares diving gear offers advanced performance through superior technology and high-quality materials. Thanks to this, the brand has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge diving equipment. During the six decades of its existence, this Italian based company has been investing in innovation, constantly enhancing the production process and researching the new possibilities to take the diving industry even further. What’s most important, this approach has allowed Mares to create the gear that became a benchmark of safety and reliability. No matter what you need - a buoyancy compensator with neutrally buoyant padding, a speargun with top-of-the-line pneumatic technology, or an ultra low-volume mask with liquid silicone skirts, Mares has the necessary product to satisfy your needs and expectations. Find a deep assortment of Mares products right here at Dip ‘N Dive.