Oceanic, a part of the American Underwater Products family, was founded in 1972 by Bob Hollis. The company is focused on continued innovation, and, since the day of its creation, has been moving the diving industry forward. Oceanic has designed, produced, tested and improved a variety of new products. For example, the brand has developed the first HUD style mask, which sends the information about depth, air pressure, and LCD screen direction to the dive computer. Oceanic has also engineered rebreathers for the Navy, allowing their soldiers and workers to breathe longer and eliminate the exhalation bubbles. Nowadays Oceanic is one of the leaders on the dive equipment market both in terms of quality and product assortment. The company offers a full line of diving gear, including BCDs, computers, regulators, snorkels, fins and wetsuits. Oceanic also provides professional after-sales service.