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Sleeping Bags

If you don’t want to be tired and grumpy during your whole camping trip, good night sleep is crucial. Therefore, a good Sleeping Bag is one of the must-have elements for an enjoyable travel. Dip ‘N Dive offers a wide variety of different sleeping bags, so that you can select the shape, seasonality and size that fit you best. Choose between mummy, rectangular or hybrid sleeping bags, depending on your preferences and habits.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a sleeping bag is the type of a trip you are going to be taking. Will it be a backpacking adventure, or a car camping journey? Most backpacking sleeping bags are mummy-shaped, lightweight and pack compactly, while bags for car or family camping are all about comfort. Also consider the typical temperature range you plan to travel in. All sleeping bags are temperature rated. The rating identifies the lowest temperature at which a bag is intended to be used, assuming that the sleeper is wearing a layer of long underwear and using a sleeping pad under the bag. A rule of thumb is to choose a sleeping bag with a slightly lower temperature rating than the lowest temperature you expect to encounter.

The shape of the sleeping bag is another important factor. Double-wide and rectangular bags are generally used by car campers. They are roomy and comfortable, but it takes longer to get warm in them. Semi rectangular or barrel-shaped bags have a tapered design and, thanks to their greater warmth and efficiency, can be used by backpackers, as well as campers. Mummy bags are narrow and compact. Though they are a preferred option by most backpackers, some people find mummy bags too restrictive.

Next let’s move on to the insulation type. You can either go with down or synthetic fill. Synthetic insulation, usually made of polyester, has a number of advantages - it is very durable, quick drying and comes with a friendly price tag. Bags with synthetic insulation are great for traveling to damp climates, since they will insulate even when wet. Bags with down insulation are more compressible and breathable, but also more expensive.

Finally, think whether or not you want any additional sleeping bag features. These may include a sleeping bag hood, pillow pocket, stash pockets, compatible zippers, etc.

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