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Camping Tents

Guess, what is the absolute must-have piece of gear for every camping trip? That’s right, a tent! Dip ‘N Dive carries a large selection of Camping Tents of different sizes and styles. Weather you are going on a small family trip over the weekend, or planning a more serious journey, we have the option that will fit your needs. We stock large 5+ men tents, as well as some smaller and lighter choices. You can be confident, that you will be able to pick out a fitting tent of best value for your money right here at Dip ‘N Dive.

Here are a few simple tips on choosing the tent that will fit your needs. First of all, consider the tent size. To determine the appropriate size, think about how many people and how much gear you will be traveling with. Normally, an adult would need a space of at least seven feet to stretch out and at least two and a half feet in width for sleeping. This equals to 17.5 square feet per person. However, it is recommended that you also add some space for clothing and any gear you may need to keep inside the tent, unless reduced weight is important.

Next up you should look at the material the tent is made of. Most of the tents are now made of nylon. Breathable nylon is used for tent walls, and the coated nylon - for the fly and floor for waterproofing. There are also tents made from the thicker rip-stop fabric, however, they are also heavier, which may be a downside, if you have to carry your tent on your bike or back.

Doors and windows are also important to consider. Generous screened window areas will be a huge plus for hot or humid conditions. They will allow air to flow through the tent and prevent condensation.

Finally, consider the potential weather. Wind, rain, sun, heat and cold all have different demands on the tent. With that being said, a three season tent will normally suffice for all your trips, unless you will be dealing with snow, in which case you will need to look for a four season or mountaineering tent.

Camping Tents
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