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OLD_Advanced Diver Certification


Due to Canadian Regulations, we're unable to train/teach Canadian residents. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Advanced Diver Course is designed for all certified divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of SCUBA diving and have fun diving in the WNY area.  Our Advanced Diver program gives you flexibility in choosing the dates for your dives.   

What do you learn while taking our Advanced Diver Course?

Small Boat Diving Fresh Water Diving
Big Boat Diving Underwater Exploration & Mapping
Wreck Diving Shore Diving
Computer Diving Navigation Diving
Repetitive Diving Night Diving


Why should you learn more and take our Advanced Diver Course

A. Expand your knowledge. Learning how to do different types of dives gives you the chance to have more tools in your toolbox to use while on vacation.

B. Trust yourself.  The last thing you want to do is put a loved one or yourself in a situation where someone tells you "Oh yeah, I'll take you on that dive that you don't know how to do!!!"  Scuba Diving is a very safe sport if all the proper rules and safety precautions are followed but what if you don't know them?  

C. More yes, less no.  Do you like being told what you can and can't do?  I didn't think so, so expand your knowledge base so if you want to do a particular dive, then you CAN do that dive because you have training to do so.

D. Be a better, safer diver. The more knowledge you have, the better diver AND partner you are.



Just complete each of the five diving activities listed below and you will become an Advanced Diver!

"NAVIGATION DIVING" COURSE - One of the most important underwater skills is navigating.  Learning to find your way around underwater is important for dive planning and safety.  You will learn advanced compass navigation skills along with learning how to use the natural bottom contour. This will ensure your confidence by knowing your location on every dive. 

"EXPLORATION & UNDERWATER MAPPING" COURSE - Ever want to map out an area underwater so that you knew where everything was? During this course, you will learn how to “Explore” and “Map” out area’s during your dive. You’ll work with others to create your “own” map of sort in this fun and exciting course!   

"NIGHT DIVING" COURSE - Learn how the underwater world changes at night.  See things differently at night and also see how marine life changes when the sun goes down.  You will learn how to plan your entry and exit points properly so you will have a fun and safe night diving experience. 

"SMALL BOAT DIVING" COURSE - This dive will allow you to experience the fun of local small boat diving while you dive the waters of Western New York.  You’ll be earning credit towards your Advanced Certification while learning safe boat diving techniques.


Divers are to show up to the dive site no later than 7:30am (10:30am for an 11am boat dive)

* We’ll add an 11am dive should the 8am fill on any date

** Must have at least 4 divers per boat

*** Dives are subject to weather cancellation

TOBERMORY - Tobermory, the friendly harbor village located at the tip of Bruce Peninsula, is headquarters to two National Marine Parks, Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park.  Tobermory is also hailed as Ontario’s Diving Capital, home too many world class shipwreck dive sites! This world famous Canadian Underwater park will be the site for our Tobermory diving weekend.