Cressi XS AC2 Regulator and Compact Octo Package

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The Cressi AC2 Compact regulator is the “work horse” of the Cressi line.

It is affordable, simple, reliable and robust—suitable for intense use. The AC2 is appreciated by dive centers who consider it a very rentable tool, due to its low cost and practically nonexistent need for maintenance, as well as a surprising level of performance.

The XS Compact AC2 Regulator is an incredibly reliable non-balanced flow-by-piston designed first stage regulator, perfect for new divers or as a stage bottle regulator system. Its fail-safe design ensures air delivery even in case of a first-stage failure. The first stage features one high-pressure (HP) 7/16" threaded port, four low-pressure (LP) 3/8" threaded ports, and is made from marine-grade chromed brass for durability and longevity. A conical filter with greater surface area allows higher air flow through the first stage regulator.

The XS Compact Second-Stage housing is constructed from robust, non-corrosive hi-tech polymers and utilizes a reliable downstream demand valve mechanism. Air flow is channeled to the mouthpiece through injection, generating a venturi effect that enhances performance. The second stage is equipped with a flow deviator that influences the venturi effect, featuring a dive/pre-dive adjustment function. The large soft purge cover enables easy clearing of the second stage, and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece ensures a pleasant breathing experience.

Octopus XS Compact uses the same casing as the XS Compact regulator model made from special hi-tech polymers, the only difference being the yellow front cover. 

The performance is extremely high, although the calibration is regulated so that the inhalation effort is slightly greater than on the XS Compact , to prevent any self-regulating possibility when it is used as a spare regulator.

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