Trident REEF Creature-In-A-Pocket Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

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Reef Creature in a pocket (Florida Caribbean Bahamas) waterproof book. Made for your BCD pocket!
A waterproof companion to Reef Creature and Reef Coral Identification for divers and snorkelers. 22 Pages of full colour pictures of all the main species you are likely to encounter in the Florida, Caribbean, and Bahama waters. Only 12 cm (5 inches) wide by 15cm (6 inches) high. Very thin - only 2mm thick. Printed on waterproof tough paper that is almost impossible to tear (believe us we tried!) and so is designed to be completely submerged. While diving daily, the booklet can be left wet in your BCD pocket. After your vacation, simply rinse in fresh water and wipe each page dry. These books are pretty tough and are very hard to tear. Corners will not get tatty but the pages will keep a crease if you put one in (they are printed on plastic after all). Try and keep them flat or rolled.

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