Reef Safe Burn Cooler

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8 ounce pump. Burn Cooler. Relieves discomfort from sunburn & stings.

Eco-Friendly - Biodegradable - Dye Free Formula!

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Menthol, and Allantoin.

Reef Safe BurnCooler formulas utilize the synergistic effects of Allantoin (plant derived skin soother) along with menthol and spearmint oil to yield an overall soothing/cooling effect. Provides maximum relief from the discomfort associated with sunburns, jellyfish stings, minor burns, scrapes and insect bites. Helps cool and soothe pain for relief, while rehydrating your skin’s natural nutrients lost by exposure to sunlight, wind, inclement weather, salt or chlorinated water.

Biodegrades in Oceans, Lakes & Rivers, Non-Toxic to Sea-life

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