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Kids Wetsuit Boots

Beach walking with the kids on hot sunny days? Going swimming around the reefs? Sending your youngsters on their first dive classes? Make sure your children will be safe in and around the water. While kids are naturally drawn to the sea and eager to get acquainted with marine flora and fauna, it is your task to take care of their comfort during the process.

Even one minor accident or injury can undermine your child’s confidence. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide your kids with adequate exposure protection, an important part of which is children’s wetsuit boots.

Just like adult footwear, kids wetsuit booties are designed to protect their tender feet from burning sand, little coral cuts and bruises or help grip their stand on slippery surfaces, such as a water sports board or a boat.

When choosing the boots for your children, pay attention to three crucial factors - quality, effectiveness and comfort. As most of the boots are made from neoprene, you should also take the thickness of the material into consideration - the thicker the boot, the warmer it is. The seams on the boots should be glued and sewn for extended wear life. The sole should have good traction and be puncture resistant. As for the closure options, you will be able to find both zippered and zipless options, however, before giving preference to one model or another, make sure it is easy for your kids to slip the boots on.

In addition to protecting your children’s feet, dive boots can be worn underneath the slightly large fins to provide a snug wear.

Here at Dip ‘N Dive we offer a variety of well-made wetsuit booties for boys and girls of infant, toddler and youth ages. The parents will be impressed with the quality construction of the products we sell, while the kids will enjoy the plethora of colors and designs to choose from.

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There are a few basic things you need to remember when choosing diving boots. First of all, you should select the thickness that is right for your needs. Just like your wetsuit, most dive booties are made of neoprene and range in thickness from 2mm to 8mm. Most divers prefer their boots and wetsuit to be of the same thickness. Heavy boots, such as 5mm and thicker are great for colder water conditions, while thinner ones work well in warmer water.  

Wetsuit Boots also come in different sole thickness. In particular, there are boots with the soft sole, medium sole, and hard sole. Soft sole is mainly used for boat diving or beach entries in the areas with little to no debris. It’s best to go for boots with medium sole if you will be diving in the areas with some small hazards. Hard sole booties are designed for areas where you would have to step on rocks or dead corals. In general, heavy soles provide more protection, while thinner soles offer more flexibility.

As for the cut of the boots, the rule of thumb is to go for the low cut or mid-height, if you are primarily diving in warm water and pick high cut boots in case you will do some cold water dives.

With that said, purchasing diving boots is a good idea if you are using open heel fins, as most boots simply won’t fit under the full foot fin. If you want to wear something for additional warmth and protection against blisters with your full foot fins, neoprene or lycra socks will be a good solution.