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Wetsuit Shorts and Pants

Diving Shorts and Pants aim to provide additional thermal protection for your lower body. The common material for Diving Shorts and Pants is thin Neoprene, although there are some models made from polyester and spandex. When worn under wetsuits such garments, regardless of the material, are designed to hug a diver's body tightly without shifting or bunching. Just as dive skins, wetsuit shorts and pants are often used to help to put the wetsuit on more smoothly and easily. Dip ‘N Dive carries a variety of Diving Shorts and Pants from many wetsuit manufacturers, such as Mares and ScubaPro.

Wetsuit shorts and pants provide you with more flexibility in terms of creating the insulation level you need. Depending on the water temperature and other dive conditions you can wear those bottoms alone, with a rash guard, layer them under a neoprene wetsuit or don over it. Some shorts models include pockets and can even be worn over a drysuit for some extra space to store such accessories as slates, spools or torches.

Many divers and surfers prefer shorts with padding on the back. This helps to minimise abrasion and protect the wetsuit from wear and tear. Another looked for feature is UV protection.  

As for the styling, most shorts are unisex, although, there are some male or female specific versions.

In general, wetsuit shorts and pants will make a great addition to your exposure protection set and allow you to create a perfect outfit for the conditions you choose to dive in.

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