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Diving Compasses

Diving Compass is an essential tool when it comes to underwater navigation. You can quickly make note of where your boat is and where you are relative to it, as well as set the azimuth to the desired underwater object. Because the diving compass is not affected by visibility, pressure, or the presence of water it proves to be a dependable and consistent instrument. There are a few choices you have to make before buying a compass. Will it be a digital or analog instrument? Do you want it wrist-mounted, console-mounted, or prefer to carry it some other way? What is the desired tilt tolerance?

Digital dive compasses are hardly ever sold separately. They usually come as a part of a dive computer and need to be calibrated at first and every time you change the battery. The benefit of a digital compass is that the tilt angle is not an issue here and they are often easier to read, however, they are typically not as accurate and reliable as the analog ones.

Analog dive compasses are conventional compasses with a floating needle pointing north inside. Many of these compasses have a movable bezel with 360 degrees of markings, and some even include the luminescent glow-in-the-dark faces, so that you can easily take the readings even at night. Analog compasses are also accurate, reliable, and don’t need to be calibrated.

The tilt tolerance is the degree of how much you can tilt the compass without the needle getting stuck. The higher the tilt tolerance the better. The only thing to keep in mind is that compasses with higher tilt tolerance are usually slightly larger.


Decide which option is the best for you and choose a reasonably priced high-quality Dive Compass at Dip 'N Dive.

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There are three main types of scuba diving gauges:

Depth gauge allows you to monitor depth, and in particular, maximum depth. This gauge is often used with a watch and Decompression tables to help divers monitor decompression requirements. Digital depth gauges can also indicate the ascent rate to ensure that you stay within the safe limits.

Submersible pressure gauge also referred to as a "contents gauge" is designed to measure and display the remaining breathing gas supply in scuba tanks. You have to monitor this indicator so that you can end your dive before you get low on air.  

Diving Compass, used for underwater navigation can also be a part of your gauge set.

Some gauge models can be paired with computer consoles and oxygen sensors or work with hoseless transmitters.  

Dip 'N Dive carries a full line of Diving Gauges designed to complement your Regulator. You can go with a Pressure Gauge alone, a Depth and Pressure Gauge Combo, or even a console that also includes a compass sometimes referred to as a Triple Gauge Combo. Extras also include a Pony Bottle Gauge and a variety of gauge accessories.