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Octopus Accessories - Zeagle

Octopus Accessories - Zeagle

Take a look at our fine selection of Octopus Accessories. We carry everything you may need to keep your octo functioning and convenient to use. Get octo holders, mouthpieces, inflators, plugs and other accessories from Dip 'N Dive online store.

Zeagle has the dive equipment market 25 years ago, specializing in buoyancy compensators, octopuses, regulators. Notably, Zeagle was the company that created and led the industry towards the concept of weight-integrated buoyancy systems. The idea, first strange to all major equipment manufacturers, was well-received by divers, and so thanks to Zeagle integrated weight devices are popular today. The same desire of innovation that fueled their buoyancy compensators has inspired Zeagle's regulator designs as well as many other smaller products. What's most important is that with Zeagle equipment you never have to worry about your safety during the dives. Reliability and durability are the company’s main priorities.

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