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Scuba Dry Bags

Scuba Dry Bags are specifically designed to make your day on the boat or beach much more comfortable by protecting your belongings from water and dust. With an airtight bag you will be able to enjoy your adventure without worrying that your electronic devices, documents, first aid kit and other valuable items get wet.Scuba dry bags come in a few different styles and types, so you can choose the one that is best for your needs.

Generally, all dry bags and boxes can be divided into three main categories: water-resistant, waterproof and submersible. Water resistant bags can be splashed, but will leak if immersed in water completely. These are best for storing a change of clothes or your wet gear after the dive. Waterproof bags can be splashed as well as temporarily dunked, which provides additional protection in case the bag falls into the water. Submersible bags and boxes, as the name suggests, can actually be submerged while still keeping their contents dry.

As for the closure methods, most dry bags are either zipper seal or roll top. In zipper sealed bags the zipper is pressed and sealed to keep out water and moisture, whereas with a roll top the bag is folded over on itself multiple times to create a waterproof closure.

Some other useful features to look for in a dry bag are abrasion, UV and extreme temperatures resistance.

Here, at Dip ‘N Dive, we choose high quality bags from the best brands to ensure durability and excellent design. In our catalogue you will be able to find several styles of Scuba Dry Bags, specifically duffle style, backpack style, or fanny pack style, so you can store everything from a complete change of clothes, to small items such as phones, camcorders, credit cards and money. If you’ve ever gone on a boat and had your valuables get wet, you know how important a dry bag can be.

Scuba Dry Bags
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