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"There is a difference where you go for dive training" has always been Dip 'N Dive's motto concerning diver education. Established in 1976, Dip 'N Dive has maintained a full service retail store, travel department, teaching facility and repair center at 500 Niagara falls boulevard Buffalo, NY.

The reason we’ve been the leader in western New York and Southern Ontario is because we do it right! For almost 40 years, our satisfied customers have been able to come to our location to fulfill all of their diving and snorkeling needs!

Our retail store features the latest in diving equipment from nationally recognized manufacturers. Due to our large customer base, we can purchase these products at the lowest possible price then pass these savings on to our customers.

The repair department is an authorized service center for most major brands of diving equipment. In addition, Dip 'N Dive is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a scuba tank hydrostatic testing facility.

Our innovative travel department has allowed our staff to lead diving expeditions to exotic worldwide dive destinations. Many of these trips take place before the official “discovery” of these locations by the rest of the diving community, thus providing a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Our technical diving division includes instruction in many different courses leading to certification as a technical diver.

Our commitment to diving does not end with Western New York. Dip 'N Dive recognizes the impact which divers have on our environment and as such is proud to support the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). This Foundation provides studies which will help preserve our coral reef ecosystems for generations to come. Dip 'N Dive has been designated the W.N.Y. REEF Field station for its participation in this program.

Dip 'N Dive is also a sponsor of the diver’s alert network (DAN), a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to diving research and education. As a sponsor, Dip 'N Dive has access to up-to-date information on issues of common concern to the diving public.

The heart of our program however, has always been our teaching program which is directed by Joe Travale. Joe is constantly refining our program and adding cutting edge instruction and information whenever it becomes available. Our Constant search for the best has led to reliability and dependability that our customers can count on. With over 10,000 divers certified by our staff, Dip 'N Dive’s impact on the Western New York diving scene is widespread. As our former students have spread out throughout the land, it’s not uncommon to find fellow divers throughout the diving world proudly proclaiming "I was trained at Dip 'N Dive "!

The staff at Dip 'N Dive includes nine certified Scuba Instructors. These instructors are not only certified in scuba diving but also they are certified in lifesaving, first aid, CPR and oxygen administration. Dip 'N Dive prides itself in the wide range of background skills which their instructors maintain. Our staff includes instructors with college degrees in such diverse fields as biology, education, biophysics, physical education and business. Our staff also consists of certified CPR, First Aid, water safety and certified coast guard captains. Members of our staff are also certified in many technical aspects of diving technology. The instructional staff is complemented by Divemasters who are fully certified to help divers in learning pool and open water skills. The Dip 'N Dive staff has accumulated literally thousands of logged dives and comparable underwater hours. Their experience runs the gamut from general sport diving to research diving to U.S Navy diving. Their diving travels virtually circle the globe! Members of our staff have dived in such locations as Singapore, Guam, the Philippines, Hawaii, the California and Florida Coasts, Chuuk Lagoon, Fiji, the Red Sea, Australia, dozens of Caribbean islands and throughout the Great Lakes. The composite years and range of diving experience makes Dip 'N Dive's staff the premier instructional group in the northeastern region. Remember, "To Reach Your Full Potential, Train With the Best."

Dip ‘N Dive….Training W.N.Y. Divers since 1976!

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