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It is safe to say that ScubaPro is a company that has largely shaped the industry of scuba diving as we know it today. Since its very creation in 1963  ScubaPro has been the driving force of progress and innovation in diving gear manufacturing. Two company founders - Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin along with the dedicated staff have designed, produced and brought on to the market such revolutionary devices as the first modern buoyancy compensator, heart rate monitor for workload estimation, dive computer radio transmitter, and even the first analog "decompression" meter, which would ultimately lead to the creation of the dive computer itself. ScubaPro strives to make all of its products simple, yet functional and reliable. For example, the Mark 2 regulator model, created back in 1963 was so popular and advanced, that its design is still used today. Finally, thanks to the large product assortment you can always pick out the equipment of fitting style, size, color and feature set.  

The ScubaPro motto states: "ScubaPro is pride. Pride because we make diving equipment that is acclaimed and respected by serious divers”. Get your diving equipment from ScubaPro and share the company’s pride.