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Dive Reels

Going on a riskier dive? Use Dive Reels for some extra insurance. Dip ’N Dive carries scuba Diving Reels, finger spools and diving reel accessories to meet all your diving needs. Whether you need several hundred feet of line to explore a cave or shipwreck, or just a smaller piece to jump from one line to another, we have the reel for you. Choose the size and style that does the job.


Both dive reels and finger spools have a variety of uses. The most common ones include exploration of wreck and cave dive spots, search and recovery safety lines, general diver training and creating a secure connection between the diver and the SMB (Surface Marker Buoy). Nevertheless, there are a few differences between these two instruments.

As far as construction goes, the reel, unlike the spool has a handle and a knob. Some reels position the handle on top to enable divers who use a handheld light to hold both instruments in one hand. This way the other hand remains free to work the reel. In case the diver wants to change the position of the handle and move it to the side, many models come with a series of pre-drilled holes in the frame of the reel.

A finger spool, on the other hand, has holes in the face that you can put your fingers in and wind it that way. The spools are normally made of some form of plastic such as Delrin - a very strong and only slightly negatively buoyant material. There are some finger spools, manufactured from aluminum. These spools are strong, but slightly more negatively buoyant than Delrin ones.

All finger spools are typically constructed as one piece. This makes them strong and eliminates many possible failure points. Another benefit of finger spools is that they are small enough to be stowed in a dry suit or BCD pocket.

No matter whether you prefer reels or spools, you will be able to find the desired option right here at Dip ‘N Dive.