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Scuba Regulators

Scuba regulator is what allows you to breathe underwater. The device delivers the breathing gas from your tank straight to you. Each regulator essentially consists of a first stage, second stage, and an inflator hose. The first stage attaches directly to the cylinder valve, reducing the pressure of the gas leaving the tank and routing that gas to several hoses. The second stage (the one with the mouthpiece), also called a demand valve, brings the pressure down to ambient, allowing you to breathe comfortably.

Both first and second stages may include a variety of additional options, such as a certain number of high and low-pressure ports, inflator hoses, dry suit hoses, etc. You can also choose whether or not the first stage of the regulator is balanced. The main benefit of having a balanced regulator is that it provides you with a consistent airflow regardless of how much air is left in the tank or how deep you dive.


In general, when choosing a regulator you have to make sure that it will deliver the performance you need for the environments you’ll dive in. For example, the choice between a sealed or unsealed regulator will depend on the water temperature at the dive sites you plan to visit. If you are a warm water diver, you can go with either one. However, if you plan on diving in cold water, you will need to purchase a sealed regulator. The reason for this being that the unsealed models let the water get into the first stage, and at low temperatures the water could freeze inside the regulator, blocking airflow.

Remember, the quality and style of the regulator influence the breathing effort and overall comfort of the dive, therefore choosing a tool that meets your needs is crucial for a stress-free underwater experience. Dip 'N Dive carries many different styles of Scuba Diving Regulators, allowing divers to pick the one that matches their needs preferences and budget.