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Buoyancy Compensators

A Buoyancy Compensator or, as it’s often called, scuba BCD is one of the crucial parts of your dive equipment. It is designed to give you control of movement in the water, i.e. allow to establish neutral buoyancy below and positive buoyancy on the surface. By adjusting the volume of air in the bladder of your BC you can make yourself drift along effortlessly mid-water. The BCD also holds your gas tank.

As for the styles, there are jacket style, back inflation, and sidemount BCDs. If you are into traveling, a dedicated travel BCD may be a good option, as those are made of lighter materials and are usually more compact. Jacket style and travel buoyancy compensators are the most popular among recreational scuba divers. There are also models designed specifically for women, they help to accommodate the lady’s bust, waist, and style.

Lift capacity is another important factor to consider when choosing a BCD. Deep diving and diving in cold water requires greater lift capacity, as the diver carries more weight. Other common features for most buoyancy compensators include: a variety of shoulder and waist adjustments for a perfect fit, quick release system for easy removal, weight pockets for better weight distribution and balance, multiple D-rings and easy-access pockets to carry different accessories, etc.

Dip 'N Dive offers a wide variety of buoyancy compensators built to meet your individual diving needs. Whether you’re looking for a Jacket Style BCD, a Back Inflation BCD, or a Women's Buoyancy Compensator, we have a lot to offer. You can go for the BC with the Weight Integration feature to eliminate that pesky weight belt or choose the popular Travel BC if you prefer the more lightweight Jacket for comfortable transportation. Looking for any specific features? We’ve got Scuba BCDs with Quick Release Buckles, Rapid Dump Exhausts and Carry Handles. Select a Buoyancy Compensator in accordance with your requirements and your next dive will surely be safe and comfortable.