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Underwater Camera Accessories

It’s fascinating, how small details can make a huge difference in the quality of your underwater photos and the convenience of the whole experience. Adding a few Underwater Camera Accessories to your basic toolset will make the process smoother and the results better. Browse through our selection of accessories and pick out the tools that will meet your needs.


A sturdy mount will help to keep your underwater camera steady and avoid blurry or shaky footage. Some mounts can be used to attach lighting on top of housings instead of arms.

A tray serves as a base for connecting all of your photography components together by providing the point of attachment for arm and lighting options. Using a tray also stabilizes the mounted camera, particularly when it is compact in size. Trays can have one or two handles attached. Keep in mind, some trays come shipped with handles, while for others you need to purchase them separately. In any case, you do need to buy a separate handle, choose the model that has a comfortable grip for your hand size.

As for the arms, you can pick from many different options, such as flex arms, float arms (to offset the additional weight of your system), and rigid arms that come in several different lengths. Different arms can be connected together with the help of clamps to allow you to position your lights however you’d like.

Adapters are minor but sometimes absolutely necessary accessories. They are designed to connect together components from different systems or manufacturers. They can also be used to adapt lighting to different arms.

Finally, sync cords provide a connection between the housing and strobe to fire it in sync with the camera's built-in flash. You can choose between the two types of sync cords: electrical and fiber optic.

Here at Dip ‘N Dive, we offer a range of different flex arms, ball and joint arms, camera trays and base stays, connectors as well as camera cords and buoyancy control accessories from such manufacturers as SeaLife, Ikelite, Light and Motion, ScubaPro and ScubaMax.