Scuba Equipment Service and Repair

Dip 'N Dive is a full service repair facility that is staffed by factory trained technicians. Our technicians are instructors and divemasters who know that peak performance and your peace of mind are of utmost importance. Most manufacturers require that your regulator and buoyancy compensator be serviced at least once a year to maintain top performance and your warranty. Dip 'N Dive is an authorized repair facility for most major brands including Oceanic, Sherwood, Aqualung, U.S. Diver, Seaquest, Apeks, Dacor and Mares to name a few.

It is mandatory that Scuba tanks be serviced to be sure they are functioning properly by having a yearly visual inspection or if required a 5 year hydrostatic test. Dip 'N Dive is the ONLY SCUBA facility in Western New York that is certified by the US Department of Transportation to perform hydrostatic SCUBA tank testing. We can clean and service most SCUBA tank valves when they need attention. All of your tank testing and inspection needs are done in house (we don't farm out)!

Our service department can also clean and certify SCUBA tanks, valves and regulators for enriched air NITROX use.

Not only do we service most major brands of regulators, buoyancy compensators and tanks, we can also repair wet suits and dry suits.

Most maintenance, repair and annual servicing have a three to seven day turnaround time. If you need your equipment sooner just let us know, and we will accommodate you.

Dip 'N Dive is proud to provide SCUBA equipment and service for the BUFFALO Police Underwater Recovery Team and the Niagara County Sheriff's department underwater recovery team. THEY TRUST US, YOU CAN TOO!

In over thirty years of servicing SCUBA diving and related equipment, there isn't much that we haven't seen. Don't be afraid to find out if we can fix it. Call (716) 837-3483 for details