learn to scuba dive

Learn to Scuba Dive


Dates and Duration: See Class Schedule Here

Price: $349*

Included with the Course:

  • Pool Sessions (unlimited, if additional training is needed after attending ALL classes)
  • Class Sessions (unlimited, if additional training is needed after attending ALL classes)
  • Instructor Fees
  • Pool Fees
  • Insurance Fees
  • Main Equipment Rental For Pool (BCD, Tank, Regulator)
  • Academic Materials While In Class
  • Open Water Dives
  • Scuba Diving Certification Card

This is our entry-level certification course where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to dive safely in open water.

Earning your Scuba Diver Certification card is an accomplishment for which you will rightfully feel proud and be ready to begin a lifetime of underwater adventures and discoveries.

During your Scuba Diver class, you will learn about modern dive equipment, diving science, and responsible diving practices. All skills will be taught and practiced first in the comfort and convenience of a confined water environment and finally during your open water training dives with one of our experienced Instructors.

DIPNDIVE's Scuba Diving Certification Course Benefits

  • Affordable Pricing. At DIPNDIVE, we have the best price in WNY because we believe that a Scuba Diving Certification course should be affordable for everyone. We all have budgets, especially families, college students, etc. It can be quite an expense for a family of 4 to go through the Scuba Diving Certification Course at the same time. So we've taken away that obstacle and made it easier for everyone!
  • "Group Rate" Discounts. If you have 4 or more in your group (friends or family), then please call (716-837-3483) and speak to us about a discount. Active/Retired (Veteran) Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders ALSO get a discount!
  • No Additional Fees. Most other dive shops will charge you an additional fee should you need more time academically or in the pool. Due to the fact that everyone learns at a different pace, we don't feel it's right to charge you more money because you may have a different learning curve.
  • No Hidden Costs. You will be informed of all the possible costs ahead of time.
  • The Largest and Most Experienced Staff of Diving Professionals (Instructors & Divemasters) in WNY.
  • Flexible Scheduling. For those who have active lifestyles, private lessons are available! We also train at multiple locations across WNY.

* The Fine Print: Once the course starts, we'll be unable to refund any course fees as these fees are paid prior to the class starting.

What Our Students Say

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Class Schedule

LocationsClass DaysClass TimesClass Dates
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSaturdays10am - 3:30pm11/18/23 – 12/9/23
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSundays10am - 3:30pm11/19/23 – 12/10/23
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSaturdays10am - 3:30pm1/6/24 – 1/27/24
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSaturdays10am - 3:30pm2/3/24 – 3/2/24
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSundays10am - 3:30pm2/4/24 – 3/3/24
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSaturdays10am - 3:30pm3/2/24 – 3/23/24
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSaturdays10am - 3:30pm4/6/24 – 4/27/24
Tonawanda Aquatic CenterSundays10am - 3:30pm4/7/24 – 4/28/24

If you don’t see a class that currently fits your schedule, give us a call at 716-837-DIVE (3483)!

Why Choose DIPNDIVE?

Here at DIPNDIVE, we promote Safety above and beyond everything else with our Scuba Diving Certification Course. Safety is #1 and we won’t EVER sacrifice Safety for profit. With our Scuba Diving Certification Course, we want to make you the safest Diver you can be, which in turn makes you a much better partner while underwater.

Should a student need more time whether from an academic or pool standpoint due to them having a different learning curve, then you will get the additional time that you need at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

We’ve been in business since 1976, longer than any other Dive shop here in WNY. We’ve trained 10’s of thousands of Divers over the years, some of whom may include your family and friends.

We do NOT have ANY hidden fees. We fully explain everything (including all the possible costs for getting into a new sport) to the student BEFORE they register, as that is how it SHOULD be.

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