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Diving Gauges

Scuba Diving Gauges are designed to keep you informed and help you plan safe diving trips. Different types of gauges can measure such crucial diving metrics, as depth, pressure, and direction as well as the rates of ascent and descent. The gauges are usually made as analog instruments, which means that they operate with the help of mechanical sensors. The advantage of using analog gauges is that you never have to rely on batteries and worry they will die mid-dive. Most gauges are also very reliable, user-friendly and easy to read so that the diver can get the information he/she needs quickly and with no effort.


There are three main types of scuba diving gauges:

Depth gauge allows you to monitor depth, and in particular, maximum depth. This gauge is often used with a watch and Decompression tables to help divers monitor decompression requirements. Digital depth gauges can also indicate the ascent rate to ensure that you stay within the safe limits.

Submersible pressure gauge also referred to as a "contents gauge" is designed to measure and display the remaining breathing gas supply in scuba tanks. You have to monitor this indicator so that you can end your dive before you get low on air.

Diving Compass, used for underwater navigation can also be a part of your gauge set.

Some gauge models can be paired with computer consoles and oxygen sensors or work with hoseless transmitters.

Dip 'N Dive carries a full line of Diving Gauges designed to complement your Regulator. You can go with a Pressure Gauge alone, a Depth and Pressure Gauge Combo, or even a console that also includes a compass sometimes referred to as a Triple Gauge Combo. Extras also include a Pony Bottle Gauge and a variety of gauge accessories.