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Advanced Diver Course


Dates: See Activities Schedule Here

Course Outline and Price:

  • Navigation Diving - $60.00
  • Night Diving - $60.00
  • Exploration & UW Mapping - $60.00
  • Small Boat Diving - $90.00
  • Deep Diving - part of the Key Largo trip or another future trip with Dip 'N Dive
  • Package Price (for the dives) is available, call for details
  • Academic Kit - $199.95

*Each activity can be purchased separately or as a package. Call us at 716-837-3483 to ask about the package price.

The Advanced Diver Course is designed for all certified divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of SCUBA diving, as well as explore new dive sites and try new exclusive activities under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

This course allows individuals to learn about specialties and diving activities of particular interest. Your confidence and skill as a diver will increase while you experience the excitement of learning more about the underwater world.

To earn the Advanced Diver certification, students must complete each of the five diving activities listed below, and go through the required academic material.

Advanced Diver Course Outline

Navigating underwater


One of the most important underwater skills is navigating. Learning to find your way around underwater is important for dive planning and safety. You will learn advanced compass navigation skills along with learning how to use the natural bottom contour. This will ensure your confidence by knowing your location on every dive.

Diving at night


Learn how the underwater world changes at night. See things differently at night and also see how marine life changes when the sun goes down. You will learn how to plan your entry and exit points properly so you will have a fun and safe night diving experience.

divers with underwater writing slate


Ever want to map out an area underwater so that you know where everything is? During this course, you will learn how to “Explore” and “Map” out areas during your dive. You’ll work with others to create your “own” map of sorts in this fun and exciting course!

Diver sitting on a small boat


This dive will allow you to experience the fun of local small-boat diving while you dive the waters of Western New York. You’ll be earning credit towards your Advanced Certification while learning safe boat diving techniques.

Diver deep underwater surrounded by a shoal of fish


Want to learn how to dive deep whether you’re diving locally or on vacation? Join us in Key Largo where we’ll do a local shipwreck and teach you the right way on how to safely dive deeper! If you’re unable to make it to Key Largo in ’24, you can look to join us in ’25 during our Key Largo trip!


  • Our Advanced Diver program gives you flexibility in choosing the dates for your dives but you must register for each activity no later than 48 hours prior to the selected date.
  • Online Academic Kit needs to be started before the open water dives.
  • Students must provide all Scuba Gear for each dive (can be rented if needed).

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Dive Schedule

ActivitiesDive DaysDive TimesDive Dates
Small Boat DivingFriday4pm (Departing at 5pm)6/14/24
Small Boat DivingFriday4pm (Departing at 5pm) 7/12/24
Small Boat DivingFriday4pm (Departing at 5pm) 8/16/24
Small Boat DivingFriday3pm (Departing at 4pm) 9/13/24
Navigation / UW Mapping / Night DivingSaturdaystarts at 12pm6/15/24
Navigation / UW Mapping / Night DivingSaturdaystarts at 12pm7/13/24
Navigation / UW Mapping / Night DivingSaturdaystarts at 12pm8/17/24
Navigation / UW Mapping / Night DivingSaturdaystarts at 12pm9/21/24

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