The Master Diver course is designed for those Advanced Divers who want to expand their diving knowledge to the HIGHEST NON-LEADERSHIP level possible. Dip ‘N Dive’s Master Diver course always has been the most exciting and informative course in WNY. Featuring innovative ideas and “hands on diving experience”, this course is for those who desire the best in instructional programs. Our Master Diver course is the only course that includes a “Recompression Chamber” sport dive done in Tobermory. The Responsible Diver Techniques must be completed first then the remaining modules can be completed in any order. Each module consists of a seminar and an open water activity. To participate, you must be at least an Advanced Diver or equivalent. Just complete each of the diving activities listed below and you will become a Master Diver!

Due to Canadian Regulations, we're unable to train/teach Canadian residents. We apologize for any inconvenience.  .



This module must be completed prior to participating in any other Master Diver module. This module is designed to teach each diver how to ascend to the surface safely in an emergency using several advanced problem solving techniques. Every diver’s worst fear is having an out of air emergency at depth. This module is designed to give you many more “tools” in your tool box and show you how to use them in order to solve this problem.


Have you ever lost something in the water, or had someone ask you to find something that they lost? This module will teach you how to search for a submerged object using several proven techniques and when you find it how to bring it to the surface safely. You will learn how to find and raise objects with typical sport diving equipment. This is one of our most popular classes.


This module is designed to teach each diver a lot more about how their equipment functions. This is life support gear and every diver at this level should know how their gear functions, and also how to trouble shoot problems they might be having with a piece of equipment. This can save you time and money before any dive.


This module is designed to teach each diver advanced decompression theory and concentrate on understanding what factors cause decompression sickness, and more importantly how to avoid it thru knowledge and understanding. We will be diving on some of the deeper shipwrecks in Lake Erie with an emphasis on planning and executing repetitive deep dives.


Experience the thrill of this fun filled weekend diving in Canada’s world famous Fathom Five National marine park. We will be diving all day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. In addition each diver will also be put into a recompression chamber for a deep dive at the Tobermory health clinic so you can experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis in very controlled conditions. Definitely a blast!


Explore the possibilities of your diving career when it comes to Wreck Diving!


Becoming a Master Diver is more than just a card, it’s a sign of respect! You’ve now obtained the HIGHEST NON-LEADERSHIP level possible.