Master scuba diver

Master Diver Course


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Course Outline and Price:

  • The Responsible Diver - $175.00
  • Equipment Operation - $175.00
  • Shipwreck Diving - $240.00
  • Diving Environment - $175.00
  • Search & Recovery - $175.00
  • Deep & Simulated Decompression Diving - TBD

*Each activity can be purchased separately or as a package. Call us at 716-837-3483 to ask about the package price.

The Master Diver course is designed for those Advanced Divers who want to expand their diving knowledge to the HIGHEST NON-LEADERSHIP level possible.

DIPNDIVE’s Master Diver course has always been the most exciting and informative in WNY. Featuring innovative ideas and “hands-on diving experience”, this course is designed for those who desire the best in instructional programs.

Not only will this course help you develop a higher level of skills, but it is also a great starting point if you are interested in becoming a Dive Master or Instructor.

The course consists of six modules and each module consists of a seminar and an open water activity in one of the various locations throughout our local area.

The first module – The Responsible Diver is required to be taken first. The remaining five modules are designed to build up your skills in progressive steps, however, you may take them out of sequence.

Master Diver Course Outline

two divers checking their computers settings


We will review the basics of scuba diving physics and physiology, emergency and rescue procedures, and dive planning in the classroom. We will also teach each diver how to ascend to the surface safely in an emergency using several advanced problem-solving techniques. The open water dives at Windmill Quarry will evaluate and improve your skills and include both skin and scuba dives.

scuba regulators and a dive computer


This module is designed to teach each diver a lot more about how their equipment functions, and how to troubleshoot problems they might be having with a piece of gear. In the classroom, we will go over different types of cylinders, regulators, exposure suits, dive computers, and dive lights. We will cover care and maintenance that you can do yourself, and show you what the service techs at the shop do. The open water dive for this module will be a Niagara River Drift Dive. We will show you how to set up a dive like this and each dive team will then scout the area and create a dive plan.

a diver is exploring a plane wreck


We will discuss all the facets of shipwreck diving. Research, search and location, laws, hazards, and preservation. The dives will include an orientation dive on a local shipwreck and another dive to record physical measurements to help identify the wreck.

underwater environment


We will discuss the movement of water, marine life, and conservation. Some of the local dive sites and travel destinations will be covered. The dives will include some advanced navigation skills, underwater mapping, and a night dive.

search and recovery team


We will cover how to find objects using several different methods and different types of equipment, and how to retrieve them using the proper rigging and lifting equipment. The dives will include finding a target from approximate coordinates and successfully recovering it.

a diver showing ok sign while deep underwater


We will cover Decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis, dive tables, dive computers, equipment, and techniques to complete a deep dive successfully. The dives will be from Osprey Charters in Barcelona, NY or you may complete them on a DIPNDIVE sponsored dive trip.


  • You will have this year and next year to complete all six modules.

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Dive Schedule

The Responsible DiverLectureTuesday, July 11 6pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water DivesSaturday, July 15 8:00 AMWindmill Quarry 
Diving EquipmentLectureTuesday, August 16pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water DivesSaturday, August 58:00 AMIsle View Park
Shipwreck DivingLectureTuesday, August 86pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water DivesSaturday, August 128:00 AMBoat Harbor
The Diving EnvironmentLecture Tuesday, August 156pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water DivesSaturday, August 19 6:00 PMWindmill Quarry
Search & RecoveryLectureTuesday, August 226pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water DivesSaturday August 26 9:00 AMWindmill Quarry
Deep & DecompressionLectureTuesday, August 296pm - 9pmDIPNDIVE

Open Water Dives TBD TBD TBD

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