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Dive Knives

Dive Knife is one of the essential safety tools underwater and a handy instrument on land. They come in different sizes, styles, and materials, so to choose the model that will be most helpful for you in the future you need to assess your needs and shop accordingly. Some knives work best for spearfishing, others for kelp diving, there are also those that stay safely out of the way until you find yourself tangled in discarded fishing line. Whichever option you need, there is something for you here, at Dip ‘N Dive.


There are three main factors you need to consider when choosing a dive knife - material, size, and style. As for the material, dive knives are normally manufactured from either stainless steel or titanium. The size usually ranges from mini to large. A mini dive knife is only about 2-3 inches long, slightly bigger medium dive knives have 4 to 5-inch blades, whereas large dive Knives come with blades over 5 inches long. As far as the style goes, you need to consider three more factors - the shape of the edge, tip and whether or not the knife has a line-cutting notch.

The edge of the knife can be either Straight or Serrated. The straight edge works best for cutting plastic, such as a monofilament line and nylon rope. A serrated blade will be more effective for cutting natural fibers like rope and kelp for example. Some dive knives come with a straight edge on the front of the blade and a serrated edge on the back, which is useful in a variety of situations.

The blade’s tip can be either Sharp or Blunt. If you are into spearfishing, a knife with a sharp tip will be a better option for you, as it is great for cleaning and dressing your catch, as well as generally puncturing and cutting things. The blunt tip knives, on the other hand, are good for digging and prying. They also are less likely to accidentally cut something or cause injury.

Finally, a line-cutting notch is a useful feature, designed for hooking around a line and cutting it swiftly. It is normally shaped like a small spur with a sharpened interior.

In addition to your dive knife or, in some cases, as an alternative to it you can purchase dive shears - scissors, designed for cutting monofilament lines.

Dip ‘N Dive carries a full line of Dive Knives and cutting devices to meet your diving needs. Whether you want a primary knife, a BC knife, or a pair of EMT shears, we have the one for you. Don’t get caught without this very important piece of equipment. Choose the style that’s best for you.