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Marine Life

  • Top 5 Fastest Fishes on the Planet
    April 13, 2021

    Top 5 Fastest Fishes on the Planet

    There are around 30 thousand marine fish species known to science up to date. All of these large and small fish inhabit the seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes around the globe. Some of them are capable of developing incredible speed. While the term can be looked at in several ways, including how quickly an animal can kill its prey or react to potential danger, in this article we will try to determine the fastest swimmers. But before handing out the medals, let’s look at the factors that affect the speed of fish underwater.
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  • March 22, 2021

    Shark Baiting: Myth vs Truth

    Many recreational divers want to experience the thrill of seeing a shark from close proximity. Shark baiting is one of the ways to achieve this. While this activity is becoming fairly popular, it is also very controversial, as it may lead to potentially aggressive behaviors by the shark population. The decision of whether or not to engage in this exercise is totally up to you, but before you make it, take a look at a few misconceptions and facts about shark feeding and baiting.
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