Aston Martin Confirmed The Design of Its Exclusive Submarine


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Aston Martin Submarine

Last fall, Aston Martin - the British luxury automaker, has announced an unexpected collaboration. The company revealed its plans to team up with Triton Submarines to create a sleek and luxurious compact sub.

Called Project Neptune, the submarine has now been revealed in its final production format. The new exclusive underwater craft looks equal parts speedboat and lunar rover. Its design, dominated by a clear bubble pressure hull, permits near 360-degree visibility. The sub gets an acrylic canopy and iridium coating. There’s also Aston’s hallmarks of hand-stitched leather and carbon fiber.

aston martin sub

No pricing has been revealed yet, but just to give you an idea, the aforementioned 3300/3 is about $3 million, which means that the Project Neptune will be out of reach for all but the most deep-pocketed of ocean exploration fans.

P.S. Project Neptune won't be Aston’s first aquatic offering. Last year the firm unveiled a powerboat, and so far it's delivered two to clients.

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