Day Two at the Dema Show 2016 - New Products and More


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New Products Dema Show

It's been another great day at Dema Show 2016 in Las Vegas and we are now ready to share some more tidbits and new product reviews from the show floor.

Nautilus LifeLine

As always, safety comes first. Since it's invention Nautilus LifeLine has been a revolutionary product, capable of sending a GPS-specific distress signal and staying in two-way contact with responding boats. Today, at Dema Show 2016 we have seen a new and improved version of the device. It is now two times smaller, depth rated to 425 feet and boasts a 5 year battery life. Some other pros of the new Nautilus Lifeline include the ability to transmit GPS positions to boats up to 34 miles, as well as no MMSI (maritime mobile service identity) or radio licence needed.

Nautilus LifeLine
Nautilus LifeLine gps


The Cosmiq by Deepblu is a truly innovative and versatile dive computer. The device has three different dive modes: scuba, advanced bottom timer for technical divers and freedive. With the scuba mode you will be able to access all vital dive data and decompression calculations for standard air and nitrox dives, while the freedive mode includes a built-in surface interval function as well as adjustable alarms for depth and time. Another great feature of this computer is an easy sync with the Deepblu App, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and continue the underwater experience even after you surface.

The Cosmiq by Deepblu
The Cosmiq by Deepblu computer


Hecs and their line of StealthScreen wetsuits has become a real discovery for us! The brand manufactures dive clothing form a conductive carbon fiber mesh designed to attenuate electrical fields. The special patented aquatic stealth technology helps divers to get closer to many marine creatures, such as lobsters and crayfish, sharks, rays, eels, lampreys, ratfish, lungfish, sturgeons and some dolphins in their natural habitat by reducing the electric signal emitted by the human body. Great camo designs help to blend in with the environment even more and give divers and underwater photographers an exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the amazing marine critters.

StealthScreen wetsuits  spearfishing
StealthScreen wetsuits
hecs stealthscreen

Aqua Lung

The Outlaw - a new BC system by Aqua Lung is a combination of modern modular trend and a more traditional minimalistic approach to diving. The BC comes with no pockets, steel D-rings, or backpacks, which makes it incredibly compact and lightweight (less than 4 lb/1.8 kg). The shoulder and chest components on the Outlaw are interchangeable, allowing to create up to 27 different size configurations for a perfect fit.

Aqua Lung has also introduced the third-generation Titan regulator. The updated version integrates the lightweight feel, durability, easy-to-breathe functionality an attractive fresh design and an excellent value.

In the category of dive wear Aqua Lung has introduced its AquaFlex wetsuit line, made of super-stretch neoprene for easier donning and doffing, as well as more freedom of movement. The wetsuits come in three different thicknesses (3mm, 5mm, 7mm) and a variety of stylish designs (our favourites were Galaxy / Black for women and Grey / Blue for men).

aquaflex wetsuits
aqualung outlaw

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