Meet the World's First Scuba Restaurant


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The Pearl

Have you ever wanted to eat dinner underwater? Well, now you have a chance to do so! “The Pearl”, a spherical restaurant, located 5 meters (16 feet) below the surface in one of the world’s deepest pools, NEMO33, has recently opened its “doors” to guests.

According to Reuters, diners will have to scuba dive to the pod tethered to the bottom of the pool. Once they make it down, they will remove their equipment and climb inside a two-meter wide capsule, where they can sit down at a small table and enjoy the food.

How is the food served - one may wonder? The waiters, also equipped with scuba gear, bring the dishes in special watertight containers to the guests. The menu consists of high-end items such as foie gras, lobster salad, and fine champagne. The cost of such underwater meal is currently 99 euros (around $106) per person. All in all, the experience promises to be a truly unique and exclusive one.

Although “The Pearl” took more than a year to build and multiple attempts were needed to perfect the design, mechanics and food delivery system, the founder, John Beernaerts told Reuters that this will be “a new era of restaurants”.

Finally it is worth noting that while “The Pearl” is referred to as the first scuba restaurant, it is not the first underwater one. There exist a few impressive underwater restaurants and bars in different parts of the world.

the pearl

What do you think about the idea of a scuba restaurant? Would you like to dine there? Share your opinions in the comments!

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