Add-On Equipment for Divers

In addition to your life support equipment, there is a range of must-have tools, accessories, and toys that are designed to improve the overall dive experience. Dip ‘N Dive online store offers a wide selection of special Add-On Diving Gear that will make your dives more comfortable, convenient and safe. Such auxiliary equipment comes in the form of dive lights, dive knives, reels and compasses amongst others. In order to help you find exactly what you need have created several easy-to-navigate categories, including Dive Lights, Dive Knives, Dive Reels, Underwater Photography Equipment, Diving Compasses, and Scuba Diving Tools. Browse these categories and find any and every kind of diving add-on gear imaginable.


Underwater Lights, for example, are considered to be among the most important elements of the diver's equipment. They can be used to improve visibility underwater or even signal for an emergency, so make sure you have a reliable light with you on every dive, in particular, if you are planning to explore the underwater world after dark. A good primary light is a must for night diving, while a smaller pocket light will be helpful as your backup option or if you want to inspect the crevices by day. Those, who prefer to have their hands free can go for a headlamp to illuminate their way.

A Diving Knife is another must-have for divers, it will come in handy in case you get entangled in seaweed or fishing nets. Modern dive knives come in a wide range of models and utilize corrosion-resistant materials. 

Finally, those, willing to capture the beauty of the underwater world, not only in the memory, should consider getting a Diving Camera as well. You can find all of this equipment, as well as a variety of other helpful diving tools right here at Dip 'N Dive!