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Whatever the job or activity in any extreme condition on land, underwater or in low gravity, if there is a need for notation and reference, aquaSketch is the right tool for the job.

Though the aquaSketch Minno can be worn on the wrist, attached to a lanyard or stored in a pocket it has many times the capacity of any existing slate. The Minno has an waterproof 2¼" X 3½" writing/drawing area that holds up to 8 feet of vellum so you'll never run out of space for notation. It's strong, rugged design is made of poly carbonate and acrylic. The aquaSketch vellum is made of a specially treated plastic mylar originally formulated for architectural drafting. It is reusable and virtually indestructible.

Included with the Minno:

  • 5 foot blank roll of waterproof reusable vellum
  • Eraser Pad Sample
  • Solid Graphite pencil
  • adjustable wrist strap

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