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Spearfishing Accessories

Want to upgrade your spearfishing gear, need some spare parts, looking for maintenance tools? At Dip ‘N Dive you can find various Spearfishing Accessories to satisfy your needs. For instance, you can purchase spearfishing slings, gun loaders, fish stringers, reels and other useful accessories. Choose from an assortment of best quality products at affordable prices.

It is important to attach a float line to your gun and/or your break-away spear, flash lights, etc. Having a float line means that you can retrieve your speargun from the surface, in case you drop it. It also allows you to shoot larger fish and let it “run” until you get to the surface. Float lines are can be made from a variety of materials and come in many different colours.

A fish stringer is another useful accessory to have. It is essentially a line of rope or chain that allows the searos to string their fish so they can be immersed and kept alive in water. A springer is usually made of a line of rope or wire with a metal stringing needle at one end. The other end normally comes with a removable wire ring, used to secure the stringer. The hunter needs to thread the needle through the fish’s gill and out through its mouth, or better, through the upper and lower lips which allows the fish to breathe freely through its gills.

Spearfishing Accessories
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