Scuba Duffel Bags

dir="ltr" style="text-align: justify;">Scuba Duffel Bag is a vital part of every diver's gear that allows to organize and transport the equipment safely. A Duffel Bag is a popular option among many divers, since it comes at a reasonable price, can hold lots of equipment and helps you keep your hands free. Most duffel bags can be carried using either the wraparound handles or wide, comfortable shoulder straps. What’s more, they can fit nearly anywhere you need them to thanks to their non-rigid shape.


There are a few common types of duffel bags - mesh duffel bags, wet/dry bags and wheeled duffel bags.

Mesh duffel bags are the best option for transporting your scuba equipment to the dive site. They allow you to rinse your gear right through the bag and let the airflow in for faster drying. If you are traveling long-distance, a mesh duffel bag can be easily folded and transported in your luggage.

Wet/dry duffel bags are great as a two in one option for those, who don’t want to buy a separate dry bag. They provide you with a possibility to keep your wet and dry goods isolated from each other and eliminate the chance of undesired interactions that could ruin a perfect dive trip.

Wheeled duffel bags combine the benefits of roller bags and standard duffel bags. They give you the advantage of conveniently pulling the bag along if it’s very heavy, yet at the same time preserve the versatility with their non-rigid design.

In addition to the style of the bag, you need to pay attention to its capacity, construction, and materials. A good duffel bag should have corrosion-proof hardware, such as zippers, snaps, clips, and handles.

Dip ’N Dive carries several different duffel bag types in various sizes and materials to meet your needs. Whether you want a standard duffel bag, a mesh duffel bag or a dry duffel bag, we have them all. Keep your gear safe and well-arranged with a bag from Dip ’N Dive.