Scuba Gear Bags

dir="ltr" style="text-align: justify;">Dip ’N Dive carries a complete line of Scuba Gear Bags to protect your valuable equipment, transport it with ease and keep it organized. We have specialty bags for nearly every piece of diving gear, including bags for computers, masks, snorkels, weights, fins, spearguns, regulators, etc. Going to the beach? We also offer Beach Totes and dry bags to keep your stuff dry. Consider the amount of gear you own and the desired style of the bag to make the best choice possible.


Some of the most popular types of scuba gear bags are regulator bags, weight bags, fin bags, and camera bags.

Regulator bags are a must-have for every diver. They are designed to keep this expensive piece of equipment safe and sound during travel or storage. In order to provide maximum protection, these bags are often laced with shock-resistant padding. A regulator bag is also a great option to store your dive computer, gauges and octopus.

Weight bags, designed for storing and transporting scuba diving weights, should first and foremost be sturdy and well made. It is important that they have a reinforced bottom, padded carrying handles, and rigid, thick stitching so the bag doesn’t fail at the seams under the load of heavy weights.

Fin bags serve the purpose of protecting your fins or your entire snorkeling set from damage during transportation and storage. The bag will not only help you to conveniently carry the fins to the beach or pool but also guard them against harmful UV rays, which can damage the rubber. Some fin bags include mesh parts for quicker drying. Generally, fin bags are especially useful for freedivers, who use long fins that may fail to fit into their main luggage.   

A good camera bag is an absolute necessity for those divers, who are into underwater photography. It will help to keep the expensive and sensitive camera gear organized, safe, and easily accessible. Some bags include wet and dry spaces, in case there are items you want to protect from water.