Scuba Mesh Bags

Mesh Gear Bags are very popular among all watersport lovers. They can hold a range of gear, from the equipment you might use at swim practice, like fins and a buoy, to the gear you will need in open water, like a full wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and whatnot. Depending on the size and construction, a mesh bag can carry all of your scuba diving gear, all your snorkeling gear or it can act as a goodie bag or collection bag to store your new-found treasures. Because mesh bags allow the water to drain out easily, you can rinse and even dry your gear without taking it out of the bag. All of this makes mesh bags a perfect option for taking your gear to and from the dive site, as well as carrying it aboard a boat where space is limited.


When choosing a mesh gear bag, think of the specific purpose you’re going to use it for and select the size accordingly. If you will need to carry a scuba gear set, it’s best to look at bags at least 2500 cubic inches (40 liters) large and preferably with multiple compartments or pockets. If you only need to accommodate your snorkeling equipment, smaller bags will do just fine. There are also bags for some specific items, such as fin bags, snorkel bags, lobster and game bag, etc.

What’s great about mesh bags is that they are really lightweight and can be easily folded. You can put your mash bag inside your travel bag without sacrificing much space.   

Dip ’N Dive carries several different styles of Mesh Gear Bags. You can choose from mesh duffle bags, mesh backpacks or smaller drawstring mesh bags. Select the style that best meets your needs.