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So you just got certified, what else is there to do? Well, you have a plethora of opportunities to expand your knowledge of diving! There are several more “levels” and/or classes/certifications that you can obtain depending on what your interests are.  You’ve been taught the basics of diving; now let us help teach you more! 

Think about it this way, when you were 16 and you first got your driver’s license, did that mean that you were ready to drive in traffic, in rain, in snow, etc?  Well, the same idea can be used towards diving.  Are you ready to dive in water that has a current? Are you ready to navigate underwater by yourself or even do a night dive? What about if you want to see things that are a bit deeper than you were certified in? Is it safe to do things that you’ve never been taught? Is learning a new type a dive from a friend or family member the “safest” way to learn? Let Dip ‘N Dive be your mentor and keep you safe!

Below are the next levels of CERTIFICATION that you can obtain in Scuba Diving!DIP 'N DIVE



The Advanced Diver course is designed for all certified diverswho wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of SCUBA diving and have fun diving in the WNY area.  Our Advanced Diver program gives you flexibility in choosing the dates for your dives.  Just complete each of the five diving activities listed below and you will become an Advanced Diver!


1.)  NIAGARA RIVER DRIFT DIVE - Dive the “Mighty Niagara”! Experience the thrill of the gentle current and the excitement of searching for rare artifacts. Come join in the fun as you will learn to plan and execute a Niagara River Drift Dive from shore.  We will have a very detailed briefing before each dive and a debriefing after the dive is complete. This is one of the most unique dives in the world. 

Sunday, 5/21/17 @ 8:30am

Sunday, 6/11/17 @ 8:30am

Sunday, 7/16/17 @ 8:30am

Sunday, 8/13/17 @ 8:30am

Sunday, 9/17/17 @ 8:30am

Divers are to show up to the dive site no later than 8am

2.)  SMALL BOAT DIVING - This dive will allow you to experience the fun of local small boat diving while you dive the waters of Western New York.  You’ll be earning credit towards your Advanced Certification while learning safe boat diving techniques.

Saturday, 5/20/17 @ 8am      

Saturday, 6/17/17 @ 8am     

Saturday, 7/15/17 @ 8am     

Sunday, 8/6/17     @ 8am      

Saturday, 9/16/17 @ 8am

Divers are to show up to the dive site no later than 7:30am (10:30am for an 11am boat dive)

* We’ll add an 11am dive should the 8am fill on any date

** Must have at least 4 divers per boat

*** Dives are subject to weather cancellation

3.)  NAVIGATION DIVE - One of the most important underwater skills is navigating.  Learning to find your way around underwater is important for dive planning and safety.  You will learn advanced compass navigation skills along with learning how to use the natural bottom contour. This will ensure your confidence by knowing your location on every dive.

Saturday, 5/6/17 @ 2:30pm

Saturday, 6/3/17 @ 2:30pm

Saturday, 7/8/17 @ 2:30pm

Saturday, 8/26/17 @ 2:30pm

Saturday, 9/16/17 @ 2:30pm

Divers are to show up to the dive site no later than 2pm

4.)  NIGHT DIVE - Learn how the underwater world changes at night.  See things differently at night and also see how marine life changes when the sun goes down.  You will learn how to plan your entry and exit points properly so you will have a fun and safe night diving experience.

Saturday, 5/6/17 @ Dusk

Saturday, 6/3/17 @ Dusk

Saturday, 7/8/17 @ Dusk

Saturday, 8/26/17 @ / Dusk

Saturday, 9/16/17 @ Dusk

5.)  TOBERMORY - Tobermory, the friendly harbor village located at the tip of Bruce Peninsula, is headquarters to two National Marine Parks, Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park.  Tobermory is also hailed as Ontario’s Diving Capital, home too many world class shipwreck dive sites! This world famous Canadian Underwater park will be the site for our Tobermory diving weekend.

July 21st - 23rd 2017

September 8th - 10th 2017




The Master Diver course is designed for those Advanced Divers who want to expand their diving knowledge to the HIGHEST NON-LEADERSHIP level possible.  Dip ‘N Dive’s Master Diver course always has been the most exciting and informative course in WNY

Featuring innovative ideas and “hands on diving experience”, this course is for those who desire the best in instructional programs.  Our Master Diver course is the only course that includes a “Recompression Chamber” sport dive done in Tobermory.  The Responsible Diver Techniques must be completed first then the remaining modules can be completed in any order.  Each module consists of a seminar and an open water activity.  To participate, you must be at least an Advanced Diver or equivalent. Just complete each of the diving activities listed below and you will become a Master Diver!


1.) RESPONSIBLE DIVER TECHNIQUES - This module must be completed prior to participating in any other Master Diver module. This module is designed to teach each diver how to ascend to the surface safely in an emergency using several advanced problem solving techniques. Every diver’s worst fear is having an out of air emergency at depth. This module is designed to give you many more “tools” in your tool box and show you how to use them in order to solve this problem.

Lecture - Tuesday, 8/1/17 @ 6pm

Open Water - Saturday, 8/5/17 @ 8am

2.) EQUIPMENT OPERATION - This module is designed to teach each diver a lot more about how their equipment functions. This is life support gear and every diver at this level should know how their gear functions, and also how to trouble shoot problems they might be having with a piece of equipment. This can save you time and money before any dive.

Lecture - Tuesday, 9/12/17 @ 6pm

Open Water - Saturday, 9/16/17 @ Dusk

3.) SEARCH & RECOVERY - Have you ever lost something in the water, or had someone ask you to find something that they lost? This module will teach you how to search for a submerged object using several proven techniques and when you find it how to bring it to the surface safely. You will learn how to find and raise objects with typical sport diving equipment. This is one of our most popular classes.

Lecture - Tuesday, 8/15/17 @ 6pm

Open Water - Saturday, 8/19/17 @ 9am

4.) DEEP & DECOMPRESSION THEORY - This module is designed to teach each diver advanced decompression theory and concentrate on understanding what factors cause decompression sickness, and more importantly how to avoid it thru knowledge and understanding. We will be diving on some of the deeper shipwrecks in Lake Erie with an emphasis on planning and executing repetitive deep dives.

Lecture - Tuesday, 8/29/17 @ 6pm

5.) WRECK DIVING - Explore the possibilities of your diving career when it comes to Wreck Diving!

Lecture - Tuesday, 8/8/17 @ 6pm

Open Water - Saturday, 8/12/17 @ 8am

6.) TOBERMORY WEEKEND - Experience the thrill of this fun filled weekend diving in Canada’s world famous Fathom Five National marine park. We will be diving all day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. In addition each diver will also be put into a recompression chamber for a deep dive at the Tobermory health clinic so you can experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis in very controlled conditions.  Definitely a blast!

September 8th - 10th 2017

6.) Open Book Test

Becoming a Master Diver is more than just a card, it’s a sign of respect! You’ve now obtained the HIGHEST NON-LEADERSHIP level possible.



The NAUI Divemaster rating is the highest NAUI leadership-level certification with the exception of Instructor. The program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers. It is a very comprehensive course that will teach you more about SCUBA diving than all the other courses you have taken before. If you’re a Master Diver looking to enhance your diving skills, and to also help train future divers, then this program is for you!

Call the shop for more details: 716-837-3483



A NAUI Instructor is a person dedicated to the motto of "Dive Safety Through Education"; a person whom others look to for leadership and knowledge. NAUI has always been and remains today the most prestigious agency focusing on diving instruction. You can share the adventure - and help create it! If you believe your work should be enjoyable and exciting, if you are eager to share your knowledge with others, if you believe that to train the best you must be among the best trained, join the finest. Join the adventure!


If you are certified as a NAUI Divemaster and want to step up to NAUI Instructor status, Dip 'N Dive's Instructor Training course is for you!  During the course, candidate instructors learn effective methods of teaching skin and scuba diving in compliance with NAUI Diving course standards.  Upon successful completion of an Instructor Training Course (ITC), you will be certified to apply for active NAUI Instructor status and independently teach NAUI sanctioned courses and programs.


Call the shop for more details: 716-837-3483





Going on vacation? Learn how to snorkel properly to maximize safety and fun.

This is where you’re adventure begins!  Snorkeling is great fun whether you’re in your backyard pool, going on a cruise or taking a once in a lifetime vacation. Private Classes include a ½ hour orientation where you will learn all about your snorkeling equipment and one snorkling lesson ½ hours in the pool where you will learn how to use equipment  safely! You can use your own equipment or we will provide the equipment for you to learn with. Our professional staff of Instructors and Divemasters  will show you how easy it is to become a “Snorkeler” and begin your adventure learning about the  underwater world.


The premier Ice Diving course in WNY is now taking registrations for those divers wishing to venture beneath our soon to be frozen waters. Dip 'N Dive's Ice Diving course, the only one of its kind in WNY, offers exciting diving plus Ice Diver certification through SDI upon completion.

The course includes a classroom session, under the ice dives and a winter cookout. The course topics include: Psychology of ice diving, physiology of cold water diving, ice diving equipment, site choice and preparation, responsibilities and procedures for tenders and emergency procedures and site closing.

The course is limited to divers who are at least 18 years of age and have at least Advanced Diver certification. This is a specialty course and upon completion the divers will receive ice diving certification

Lecture - 2/28/17

Open Water - 3/4/17


Share the beauty of the underwater world with your buddies and non diving friends! Learn how to take underwater photos! The class will be geared towards new photographers and will highlight the most popular cameras in use today. Learn basic techniques, picture composition, care and maintenance and problem solving.

The course includes two classroom seminars and a water session to practice your techniques. All cameras, film and processing is included but you are encouraged to use your own camera if you have one. Whether you already have a camera or are thinking about getting one, this class is for you.


Earn certification in all three areas of emergency management. These certifications fulfill all requirements for rescue divers, divemasters and instructor level courses. This is also an invaluable course for those who just want to be a "good diving buddy".



Learn how to prevent accidents and how to respond to in water emergencies.  Join us for one lecture and two days of open water diving for this physically and mentally demanding course. Our program will focus on accident prevention through education on a number of topics including accident analysis, diver stress, environmental factors, proper planning, equipment and situational awareness.  You will further hone your skills by applying this knowledge to open water situations that will cover pre-dive checks, signs of stress, diver assists, locating a missing diver and performing a complete rescue.  Leadership skills will include intervention techniques, accident management, and how to interface with EMS and other authorities.  This course is required for all Dive Master/Instructor candidates and is highly recommended for dive team members or any diver who wants to be the best diver he/she can be by increasing their Scuba knowledge and skills.

Lecture - Tuesday, 6/6/17 @ 6pm

Open Water - Saturday, 6/10/17 & Sunday, 6/11/17


Join the ranks of the modern day sport divers!  Learn to use a different diver friendly breathing mix…NITROX.  This course will provide the participants the information and certification necessary to participate in Nitrox diving.  Nitrox is now available at most tropical destinations as well as here at Dip ‘N Dive for local dives, to help make your diving safer!

Lecture: Thursday 5/25/17 6-10pm


Snorkeling and free diving are not only a great sport on their own merit but they can also help improve your performance while scuba diving. This workshop includes a classroom session where you will learn about the physics and physiology of breath holding, what equipment works best and we will introduce you to several training exercises you can do both in the pool and at home to help increase your bottom time.

In the 1st pool session we will benchmark your current performance, train you on safety procedures and then introduce you to techniques to maximize your efficiency in the water. In the 2nd and 3rd pool session you will continue to improve your technique and will have some fun and games along the way. Our goal is to help you increase your breath hold time by up to 50%!


If you are curious about technical diving or you would just like to make some improvements to streamline and maximize your current equipment this seminar is for you.

In the classroom we will introduce you to the standard gear kit used by cave and technical divers and the theory behind it. In the 1st pool session we will let you try out both single and double tank kits, stage and deco bottles and other technical gadgets. If you want to make some improvements to your own equipment we will offer advice and guidance and in the second pool session you can try out your modifications under the watchful eye of our instructors.


Every year during the winter months Dip 'N Dive gives divers a chance to enhance their diving skills with our series of pool dives designed to improve you diving skills for safety and enjoyment.  Dip 'N Dive will have instructors there just for you! We want every diver to be comfortable and confident enough to enjoy every dive they do.

Refresher Clinic: Great one to start with! This pool dive is designed to be different for each person who participates. Some people want to just get in the pool and swim around themselves and practice on their own.  Other divers may have been out of the water for some time and need more assistance so our instructors will lend a hand in reviewing you’re basic SCUBA skills. Whatever you need, we can help!  

Air Consumption Clinic: The mystery of air consumption. “Why do I use so much air? Why do very experienced divers use a lot less air than I do? What can I do to improve my air consumption and lengthen my dives?” These are some of the most common questions asked by divers. This clinic is designed to answer all of these questions and many more about improving your air consumption on any dive. You will be taught all the little tricks and skills that your instructor employs to help you safely improve your breathing rate. 

Buoyancy Clinic:Finally, solve the mystery of buoyancy!  Learn the secrets of true buoyancy control with our instructors.  Proper buoyancy control will help you conserve energy, use less air and add to the safety and enjoyment of any dive.  During this pool dive, we will teach you how to properly weight yourself.  Our instructors will also teach you several different techniques that you can practice to help you achieve the true bliss of neutral buoyancy. (don’t bounce up and down anymore).

Rescue Clinic: Every diver hopes they will never have to be involved in a SCUBA rescue.  The best way not to worry about how you will react in an emergency is to be properly trained.  This pool dive is designed to review basic SCUBA rescue procedures.  Everything from identifying potential problems and solving them before they turn into real ones, to actually practicing real SCUBA rescues will be covered with your instructor in this pool dive. (Learn to be a good buddy)!

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