Cammenga REL223 EASYLOADER Rifle Magazine Loader

CammengaSKU: 214223-A

Sale price$29.95 USD


  • Facilitates quick loading of high capacity magazines
  • Made from impact proof nylon fiberglass
  • Fits most .223 Rifles (AR-15, M16, Mini 14, Etc.)
  • Holds 20 rounds

Tired of loading your 20-round magazine clips one at a time? Then Cammenga EASYLOADER is an instrument for you. Used by various fighting forces and sports shooters, this loader makes it easier and faster to load high capacity magazines with no fatigue or strain on your thumb and hands.

The tool is made from impact proof nylon and can withstand high and low temperatures as well as resist corrosion. Such a high quality of materials and streamlined design ensure the instrument’s flawless performance and longevity. What’s more, all EASYLOADERS come with a lifetime guarantee.

Note, the REL223 model is perfect for Most .223 Rifles (AR-15, M16, Mini 14, Etc.) and holds 20 rounds.

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