Cressi Gara Professional Set 2.0

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Cressi made this set composed by professional items, of high quality and performance, to give the opportunity to use a high standard equipment for free diving and for spearfishing. The set is composed by the Matrix mask, the Gara Professional LD fins, the Corsica snorkel. T Mask Strap Cover and the Anti-fog Solution are included.

The Long Fins Set Bag allows to carry all the set and other personal equipment.

The Gara Professional LD is a high performance fin and requires minimum effort to load the long blades and is an excellent choice for deep freediving and spearfishing, yet are more forgiving than other long blade fins for the untrained legs. It is ideal for long distance swimming or for beginners not previously used to using a long blade fin, but can provide the power and efficiency for any experience level while deep freediving and spearing. The fin provides comfort during prolonged use on those long days in the water. The fin delivers maximum power with minimum energy through its long firm blade that runs over the footpocket. Can comfortably be worn with or without neoprene socks.

The compact twin-lens Matrix takes the basic design concepts of the Big Eyes Evolution and pushes them to a new level of performance. More pronounced inverted tear-drop shaped lenses, raked inward to sit even closer to the eyes, and a more compact build overall make the Matrix an ideal choice for divers and free divers looking for the biggest view in the smallest package. The raked lenses provide excellent field-of-view. It has a low internal volume ideal for freediving.

The Corsica features an ultra flexible tube. The large diameter tube provides unobstructed ease of breathing. The anatomical hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece provides extreme comfort during prolonged use.

The black Mask Strap Cover is made in Neoprene and allows a better comfort when wearing mask, especially for long hairs. The Anti-fog Solution can be used in special weather and sea conditions to avoid foggy lenses.

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