Cressi Newton Wrist Dive Computer

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Color: Black/Grey
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  • Cressi RGBM algorithm
  • Handles 2-different nitrox mixtures
  • Modes: Air, Nitrox or Gauge
  • Display with oversize digits
  • Graphic CNS oxygen toxicity indicator

Cressi Newton is a truly compact dive computer (case diameter is just 48 mm), great for use both in and out of the water.

The device provides all necessary information in regards to depth, dive times, possible need of decompression, ascent rate and surface intervals between dives. The computer uses a dual-mixture Cressi RGBM algorithm. The software handles two different hyper-oxygenated mixtures, which can be selected during the dive. Nitrogen absorption and release are continuously processed by the computer's sophisticated software, taking into account the quantity of inert gas contained in the different mixtures that can be used. All the information is shown on the device’s display thanks to the PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) system that allows an easy and direct “dialogue” between the diver and the computer, ensuring a clear understanding of all the data needed at any given time and a perfect readability in any situation.

The option to deactivate the Dive program prevents needless alarms and saves battery while snorkeling, swimming, or just during everyday use. The computer is also equipped with a clock, chronograph, and calendar.

The Newton Dive Computer is compatible with PC/Mac interface with simulator and dive profile (optional). The computer is powered by a user replaceable CR2430 3-volt lithium battery. The face is mineral glass and the watch has a heavy-duty reinforced case for resistance in the water down to 150 m.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual-mixture CRESSI RGBM algorithm
  • Tissues: 9 saturation half-times ranging from 2.5 to 480 minutes
  • Modes: Air, Nitrox or Gauge
  • Full setting of FO2 (21% - 99%) and PO2 (1.2 bar - 1.6 bar)
  • Option to take a Nitrox dive after one with air (even while desaturating)
  • Option to set Deco (decompression calculation) or Gage (depth gauge and timer)
  • Deep stop can be turned on or off
  • Display with oversize digits
  • Planning: decompression curve scrolling
  • Metric or Imperial unit
  • Visual and auditory alarms
  • Graphic CNS oxygen toxicity indicator
  • Backlit display
  • Log book (70 hr or 60 dives) complete with dive profile
  • Dive history saved
  • PC/Mac interface with simulator and dive profi le (optional)
  • 12/24 clock with minutes and seconds
  • Calendar
  • Precision stopwatch
  • Alarm clock
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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