Hollis SMS Katana 2 Sidemount Dual BC Vest

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The Katana 2 harness sets a standard in sidemount diving. Designed in collaboration with Edd Sorenson from Cave Adventurers, we developed a unique “Quick Fit System” which allows users to easily tailor the one-size-fits-all harness to their specific size or adjustment preference in a matter of minutes. We added more lift, more weight capacity, and for this model a specific dual bladder wing using the best quality materials Hollis has always been known for. Katana 2 is also the first sidemount harness in the world to be designed with closed circuit sidemount capability, with integrated mounts for the popular KISS sidewinder. Katana 2 breaks away from traditional designs and offers more customization and versatility.

Dual bladder configuration for technical sidemount diving (Recommended when diving wet and needing redundant buoyancy);
“QFS” Quick Fit System offers fine tuning of the torso height between small and large divers for a true one size fits all;
 Design allows for an “H” or “Y” style harness configuration, depending on user preference;
 Lift capacity is 40lbs with innovative wing design to keep diver profile even lower than the competition and without the “turtle shell effect” which causes drag;
 Standard weight capacity 20lbs, to offset added buoyancy in cold water with drysuits and thick undergarments;
Also Available in a single bladder configuration.


Dual bladder configuration for technical sidemount diving (Recommended when diving wet and needing redundant buoyancy);
“H” or “Y” style harness configuration;
Easy to reach attachment points for accessories on the side of the wing;
Innovative top dump allows venting of gas with outbreaking trim or reaching behind the wing like in other designs;
Integrated sidemount CCR mount;
Single bladder option ideal for recreational sidemount with two cylinders or in a Drysuit for redundancy / Dual bladder option ideal for technical dives in a wetsuit;
Add on the SMS Regulator kit –preconfigured with all the necessary DCX 1st and 200LX 2ndstages, LP and HP hoses, two brass SPG’s and regulator necklace;
20lb weight capacity;
QFS one-size-fits-all design;
40lb lift capacity;
2-year standard warranty;
Weight: 9.5 Lbs.
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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