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The Nautilus LifeLine is a marine rescue radio with GPS that puts safety into the hands of everyone on the water.

The Nautilus LifeLine is a marine rescue radio with GPS that puts safety into the hands of everyone on the water.

Use it to chat to your boats or buddies in the their kayaks or canoes with the push of the green button. Need help? Push the red button to send an alert message and your position to boats within 4000 square miles. This tough and compact unit is depth rated to 425 feet. It provides true peace of mind for everyone on the water including divers, kiteboarders, sailors, paddlers, commercial mariners, jet skis, canoeing, coastal cruising and more.

Why LifeLine is Different

A true marine communication/rescue radio with GPS for aquatic adventurers
So tough that it is depth rated to 425 feet
One-button distress call send your GPS coordinates to boats within 4000 square miles
No subscriptions or user fees
Group Call: Transmit your position to other LifeLines or DSC radios
Rechargeable battery
Peace of mind for anyone on the water

What's Included

Quick start guide / Setup guide
Operations manual (via download, requires internet connection)
LifeLine Desktop Software (via download) compatible with current Windows or Mac OS
USB charging cable and USB cap
D-ring clip

LifeLine Desktop Software Features

Upload the GPS position of your sites to Google Map
Share your GPS locations on social media
Customize your LifeLine settings: setup MMSI and Group Call

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What do the green, orange and red buttons do?

There are three buttons on the top of the Nautilus LifeLine.

Green Button: Use to chat with your buddy, other LifeLines, or your boat. Set to the channel of your choice.
Orange Button: Set to the universal hail and distress channel (channel 16) to call any boats around you.
Red Button: Digital Distress sends an alert message and your GPS position to boats within 4000 square miles.

How long does the battery last?
4 hours talk time plus 24 hours distress calling.

Will the LifeLine float if I drop it in the water?
Yes. The LifeLine is positively buoyant.

Is the LifeLine waterproof with the upper cap open?
Yes. With the upper cap open the LifeLine is IP67 rated (15 cm to 1 meter of water immersion for 30 minutes). You can safely use it on the surface in all sea conditions. With the upper cap closed and sealed it is rated to 425 feet.

What maintenance does the LifeLine require?
The O-ring and protective cover over the USB port need to be kept clean and free of contaminants. Check and charge the battery as needed. Always check that the upper protective cap is securely in place before taking your LifeLine on your next adventure on the water.

Do I need a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number?
You do not need an MMSI to use the LifeLine as a marine VHF radio. You will need an MMSI number if you want to activate the red Digital Distress button.

How do I download the LifeLine desktop software?
Ensure that you have an internet connection. Using your web browser, go to the Nautilus LifeLine website and select Setup or Support and then Software. The software is free and works on most modern MAC and Windows platform operating systems. Follow the instructions to install the software. Download instructions are also included with the product.

About Nautilus LifeLine

The Nautilus LifeLine was created with the goal of putting safety into the hands of everyone on the water. Our company is entirely centric around safety and providing the best possible customer experience.

The LifeLine Project

The Nautilus LifeLine was developed by diving professionals and tested in some of the most demanding environments on earth. The concept behind the Nautilus LifeLine was born of the demanding conditions in the chilly Gulf of Alaska by Captain Mike Lever onboard the ocean going liveaboard diveboat the Nautilus Explorer.

CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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