Princeton Tec Reef Pack Underwater Light

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Color: Neon/Yellow
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Reef Pack hits the sweet spot with High Performance LED Lighting and Light Weight, making it the perfect rig for flying to a sunny destination.

Reef Pack hits the sweet spot with High Performance LED Lighting and Light Weight, making it the perfect rig for flying to a sunny destination. Miniwave LED is a Pistol Grip Light with a Super Bright High Mode plus Low Mode for up close use and Extended Battery Life. The little brother of the Shockwave, the Miniwave is nothing to scoff at. Princeton Tec packed 390 Lumens into the Smaller Body Style, so you really can have your cake and eat it, too. The Smaller Body Style is ideal for those who want to be Streamlined-and-Lighter. With the Flick of the Switch you can Toggle between Low and High Power Settings and the Locking Mechanism ensures that the Miniwave LED will remain off when you have it in your bags.

Light has 3 Max-Bright 3-Watt LED's that give 4 Hours of Burn Time on the High Power Setting and 10 Hours on Low. Light is equipped with LED Optical Collimator. A Collimator gathers all available light from an LED in the form of Scattered Rays and Re-Emits the Light as Parallel Rays, making it more Optically Efficient than a standard reflector. Princeton Tec Calibrates each Collimator to the Type of LED and Application of each Light. With Proprietary Optimized Collimator / Lens Systems, Princeton Tec continues to advance LED Technology.

Princeton Tec has developed Proprietary Ultra-Light Heat-Sinks to protect LED products from overheating. Even though LEDs operate at much lower temperatures than traditional incandescent bulbs, they still generate heat. If this heat is not dissipated, the LED will suffer irreversible damage. By using heat-sinks, Princeton Tec lights can Burn at Extreme Brightness Levels for long periods of time. The Heat-Sink may be incorporated internally or externally depending on the product and its application.

Powered by 4 C-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included), LED Life of 10,000 Hours, Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters) and weighing 22.93 oz (650 g) with batteries, all make this one great compact travel light. Light is equipped with a Pistol Grip Handle with an Adjustable Rubber Shrouded Wrist Lanyard.

The League 100 is the Ergonomic new Handheld Light that puts out an impressive 210 Lumens from 4 AA Batteries. Light Weight and Comfortable Shape make Princeton Tec's brand new Handheld Light feel so good, enough to become your favorite on dry land. The League 100 is Waterproof Rated to 330' (100 meters). The League 100, the Ideal Backup Light in the water. This Unobtrusive Light hides out of the way until it's turned on. The sculpted shape (12 degree angle) makes it feel like an extension of your hand and it provides impressive output for its size.

The first thing you'll notice is the specially designed shape. Princeton Tec Contoured the Body to Fit-your-Hand Naturally, Reducing or Eliminating Fatigue during Long Dives or other Extended Use by minimizing the amount of Effort necessary to Securely Grip the Light. The result is one of the most Comfortable, Easiest to Grip Handhelds Available. The large Switch is Easy-to-Use even while wearing gloves. The Lock prevents Accidental Turn-On and Battery Drain in your gear bag as well as Accidental Turn-Off while Diving in Tight Quarters. Pre-Lubricated O-rings and 4 included AA Alkaline Batteries make the light ready to dive straight out of the box. The Large Strap Loop makes Lanyard or Carabineer attachment easy.

Light gives off 210 Lumens of Power from 1 Max-Bright LED with a Burn Time of 10 Hours on a set of batteries. Light is Lightweight coming in at a mere 7 oz (203 g) with the batteries, so you'll never even know it's there. Light also includes a Wrist Lanyard.

Princeton Tec Reef LED Light Pack:

Reef Pack 3 Light Set Hits the Sweet Spot!
High Performance LED Lighting and Light Weight
Perfect Rig for Flying to a Sunny Destination
Includes Batteries for All 3 Lights
Colors: Black, Blue or Yellow
Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manuals
Waterproof Depth Rating: 330' (100 meters)
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Miniwave LED Light:

Little Brother of the Shockwave
Smaller Body Style
Lamp: 3 Max-Bright 3-Watt LED's
Princeton Tec's Proprietary Optics
390 Lumens of Brightness
2-Modes of Illumination; High for Super Bright and Low for Extended Battery Life
Burn Time: High Power Mode 4 Hours Low Power Mode 10 Hours
Impact Resistant
Power: 4 C-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included)
LED Life: 10,000 Hours
Weight: 22.93 oz (650 g)
Pistol Grip Handle with Adjustable Rubber Shrouded Wrist Lanyard
Proprietary Optimized Collimator / Lens Systems
Collimator Re-Emits Light as Parallel Rays
Collimator: More Optically Efficient
Proprietary Ultra-Light Heat-Sink
Heat-Sink: Protects LED's from Overheating

League 100 LED Light:

Ergonomic New Handheld Light
Lamp: Single Max-Bright LED
Impressive 210 Lumens of Brightness
Burn Time: 10 Hours
Power: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (included)
Weight: 7 oz (203 g)
Ideal Backup Light
Sculpted Shape (12 degree angle) Feels like Extension of Your Hand
Fit-your-Hand Naturally, Reducing or Eliminating Fatigue During Long Dives
Minimizing Effort to Securely Grip the Light
Most Comfortable, Easiest to Grip Handhelds Available
Large Switch, Easy-to-Use
Lock Prevents Accidental Turn-On and Battery Drain
Large Strap Loop for Attachment of Included Adjustable Lanyard

AMP 1 LC LED Light:

Smallest Light in Set
45 Lumen Spot Beam
Burn Time: 72 Hours
Power: 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (included)
Weight: 2 oz (57 g)
Snap-On Cone for Use as Marker Light
Large Built-In Loop for Carabineer Clip
Built-In Loop Doubles as Bottle Opener


Miniwave: 390
League 100: 210
Amp 1 LC: 45

Burn Time (Hours)

Miniwave: High Mode 4 Hours Low Mode 10 Hours
League 100: 10 Hours
Amp 1 LC: 72 Hours


Miniwave: 3 Max-Bright 3-Watt LED's
League 100: Single Max-Bright LED
Amp 1 LC: Single Max-Bright LED


Miniwave: 4 C-Cell
League 100: 4 AA
Amp 1 LC: 2 AAA


Miniwave: Pistol Grip with Lanyard
League 100: Light Body with Lanyard
Amp 1 LC: Light Body

Depth Rating All Lights: 330' (100 meters)


Miniwave: 22.93 oz (650 g)
League 100: 7 oz (203 g)
Amp 1 LC: 2 oz (57 g)

Weight [with packaging] 2.6 lb

CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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