ScubaMax Kids Pro Dry Snorkel One Window Kids Mask Snorkeling Set

Scuba MaxSKU: 218850-01-A

Color: Clear Blue
Sale price$24.99 USD


SK-236 Kids Pro Dry Snorkel MK-253 Dolphin Scuba Diving Small Volume Kids Mask DB-601 Small Black Mesh Dive Bag Snorkel Packages Set
ScubaMax SK-236 Kids Pro Dry SnorkelTotal dry top silicone purge kids snorkel100% Total Dry top snorkel with high quality silicone flex purge.ScubaMax MK-253 Dolphin Scuba Diving Small Volume Kids MaskDolphin is small volume mask that specifically designed for kids with single tempered safety teardrop lens design.Heavy-duty adjustable swivel buckle system – It’s extremely convenient to make any types of adjustment on the mask.Classic Soft Crystal Silicone Skirt - The mask material is extremely comfortable to wear with Double-Edged Facial Seal Technology.Soft Silicon Nose Pocket - This feature prevents ear clogging when divers get into deep water. It equalizes the internal ears’ pressure by simply pinching your nose shut, inhaling a mouth full of air and closing your mouth.ScubaMax DB-601 Small Black Mesh Dive Bag​​Small size nylon mesh bag with drawstring closure on top.
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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