ScubaPro MK19 Evo BT/G260 Carbon BT Dive Regulator System

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An upgrade to our popular G260 technical diving system, the MK19 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT regulator system delivers superior durability with a premium carbon fiber front cover and a corrosion resistant Black Tech DLC coating. It’s designed to be the best regulator system for cold water, silty diving conditions and technical diving.


Lightweight carbon fiber design is 24 grams lighter than the standard G260
Increased resistance to freezing from internal metal componentry of the second stage and environmentally sealed first stage with dry chamber
Convenient swivel turret on first stage maximizes hose routing options for technical divers
Large casing and diaphragm on second stage for improved breathing sensitivity in a variety of underwater positions
Diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob fine-tunes air delivery to suit dive conditions
VIVA dive/pre-dive switch prevents free flows in cold water or when used as an octopus
Super-flow hose with oversized bore allows more air to flow on each inhalation
High-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation effort for better breathing comfort
Convenient large purge button
Easy to grip orthodontic mouthpiece for all day diving comfort


2nd Stage Design:   Balanced
1st Stage Type:   Diaphram
2nd Stage Series:   G Series
Water Temperature:   Cold
Connector Type:   INT
Nitrox Mix:   Up to 40%
HP Ports:   2
LP Ports:   5
1st Stage Materials:   Black Tech-Coated Brass
2nd Stage Materials:   Carbon Fiber Cover, Reinforced Technopolymer Casing
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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