Sea Pearls Soft Mesh Weights

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Tired of having your hips and legs bruised by hard weights while scuba diving? Soft Mesh Weights by Sea Pearls will help you eliminate the problem and make your dives more comfortable. Each weight consists of numerous coated lead shots, contained in a soft, yet solid nylon mesh bag. The best part about using these weights is that they will conform to the shape of your body or equipment. The flexible material ensures minimal abrasion for weight-integrated BCs.

Each bag has a printed tag with the amount of weight in it. Additionally, the bags are color coded for quicker identification.

Some other notable advantages of this product include:

  • Larger #5 shot with less surface area
  • Newly manufactured lead shot
  • No scrap lead used
  • Hardened with antimony and graphite free
  • Quick draining and drying

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